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Lesson Learned: How mistakes became opportunities

At MentDrive, we understand the importance of being able to learn and adapt in order to succeed. This is why we have implemented a culture of continuous improvement, where we actively seek out feedback and suggestions from our customers in order to improve our maintenance software for managing all of the activities.

First, let's talk about our complaints platform. Initially, our ticketing system could only be operated by installing our app on your mobile device. This meant that only people who had our app installed and had a user created could submit tickets for maintenance issues. However, we soon realized that this was a major limitation, as it prevented other people from making tickets without installing the app. This could be a problem for people who were not tech-savvy, or for those who are outside of the company.

In response to this problem, we created a complaints platform that allows anyone to easily submit a ticket by simply scanning a QR Code. This platform is accessible through a web browser and can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have our app installed or not. This has proven to be a valuable addition to our maintenance software, as it has given us valuable feedback and suggestions from a wider range of users. The platform also allows us to track the status of the tickets submitted and allows us to communicate back with the submitter.

Another example of how we have learned and adapted from our customers is our airport module. When we first began working with our first customer in the airport maintenance field, we proposed with great confidence the conventional way of doing maintenance. However, through our discussions with them, we realized that the airport field has many more differences and unique requirements compared to other industries. For instance, the maintenance process at an airport is highly regulated, with strict safety and security protocols in place. Additionally, the equipment and facilities at an airport are often specialized and require specialized maintenance. If things weren't complicated enough, we would also learn that maintenance of machinery or security equipment is only a small part of their business. Here we would get to know the beaconing system or infrastructure elements, such as movement surfaces.

In response to these unique needs, we have developed a specialized module for airport maintenance which includes a new function: inspection management. This module has been well received by our customer and helped us to expand to the airport maintenance market.

In conclusion, these examples demonstrate how making mistakes and listening to customer feedback can lead to successful ideas. At MentDrive, we believe that being open to learning and adaptation is key to continued success, and we will continue to actively seek out feedback and suggestions from our customers in order to improve our app and better serve their needs.

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