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Airport maintenance: Challenges and solutions

In order to ensure that all the services that the airport industry provides are safely carried out, a management team needs to make sure that, in addition to the quality of the staff, the equipment and infrastructure are up and running.

Because we know how complex the network of monitored elements can be in an airport, we believe that MentDrive is the solution to easily manage their maintenance.

We started our first collaboration in this industry last February. At first we thought that a standard approach to equipment maintenance management would be appropriate. As discussions about strategy evolved, we ended up rethinking and adapting the whole process to fit the client's needs completely. Here we refer to the beacon system, electrical equipments, paved or concreted surface and security systems.

In the rollout process we have new challenges. For example: the domain requirement by E.A.S.A., I.A.T.A. and C.A.A. standards; the large volume of items that need to be maintained and monitored; the large volume of undigitized data and the multiple roles assigned to a single user.

Thanks to the flexibility the app grants us, it didn't take long to find successful solutions to all these challenges. We were able to digitize all the necessary data for monitoring and executing the maintenance process and for regular inspections. As a result, the teams can easily locate each item in the system on a map, see the history and related reports, and flag them from the app with tickets and push-up notifications when they need corrective action. When tickets are generated, the user can report the item's status through photos, speech to text and automatic recording of the GPS coordinates of any comment left in the ticket. We have also expanded the range of domains or roles the app may assign (operational, technical, security, etc.).

The expertise and experience we gained in 2021 in rolling out our application in the airport industry has confirmed that we are ready to approach an international market.



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