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WHy mentdrive?

We'll get rid of the pile of paper on your desk and the maze of folders and documents on your computer. From now on, all the information you need will be in one place.

Using the MentDrive application, you can easily manage the geographical location of the equipment on the location plan by placing QR codes on each of them. QR codes help to identify the location of equipment in the field, to display information about them and also help to generate tickets in case of a specific intervention.  


The ticketing system allows the assignment of tasks to the responsible staff and the monitoring of the status of the works. The application facilitates complete transparency and control of the activity of all actors involved in the maintenance process, whether it is their own team or subcontractors. With the help of the calendar integrated in the application, you will have an overview of preventive or corrective maintenance schedules that you will be able to filter according to locations, equipment, managers and others. 

In order to make advantageous decisions, you will analyze the maintenance reports generated based on the data entered in the application. The software reports delays, operations, maintenance costs, and consumable costs. You will be able to make decisions based on the costs involved in maintaining equipment.

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