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MentDrive was created as a form of collaboration with two partners. One of them is an IT specialist, and the other came from the maintenance area with the need to manage his operations as well as possible. The company has been developing since 2016 and operates nationwide. For 5 years it has been supporting his collaborators, ensuring the optimization of the maintenance processes in the most personalized way possible.

During the activity, MentDrive managed to establish rational and professional relationships with partners, relationships based on respect, trust, involvement and promptness. The MentDrive team is particularly concerned with understanding the needs of its customers, always meeting them with creative and customized solutions. Thus, each client left his mark in the development of the application.

So far MentDrive has implemented  for companies in several areas of activity such as Facility Management, Green Space Maintenance, Airport Maintenance and Industry. Due to the ambition and orientation towards the development of the application, its implementation tends to be extended in various other areas.

Digitization streamlines maintenance financially, organizationally, and operationally. MentDrive's mission is to emphasize the importance of digitizing maintenance management and performing equipment maintenance for both private and public organizations.

We find solutions for and with you!

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