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How do we do that?

We build a simple and efficient process so that you and your team have access to a practical and useful application.

With us, everything will be simple.



In fist step, we want to get to know each other.

We will arrange a few meetings where you will present the location and equipment, how the maintenance process and the structure of the team. In this way, we will clearly understand your needs.  


We will analyze this information to optimize the application so that you and your team enjoy a personalized and easy-to-use maintenance process management system.



In this stage we will take care of optimizing the application according to needs and we will configure the database of the information received about the team, equipment, locations, consumables, procedures, activities, etc.



So that you have all the necessary data at hand and all the actors involved in maintenance can start their field work without problems.



The MentDrive team trains future users of the software, depending on their role, by organizing training sessions. Following these sessions, they will be familiar with the application interface and the working procedure, and will start the actual activity under our monitoring.


Once the entire team has adjusted to the new procedure and MentDrive software, both control and management time and response time will begin to decrease.



MentDrive will provide ongoing support to your team and solicit feedback to improve services.



Because your feedback contributes to the development of the software and helps us to offer you a solution that best fits your needs.


New execution
(if necessary)

Following your feedback we will re-analyze the data and the structure of the application and we will reach the perfect solution for you.


Because we want you to be satisfied and because we want a professional collaboration that benefits everyone.

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