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Innovation for public lighting: the solution developed by MentDrive and Raptor

When two creative minds meet, revolutionary ideas inevitably start to emerge.

That's what happened in the collaboration between Lucian Ciot, an equipment maintenance expert, and Alexandru Bogdan, a technology and innovative solutions enthusiast. Together, they created a new solution for managing and controlling public lighting, without the need for modifications to the existing infrastructure.

How does it work?

This solution offers an easy and efficient way to automatically control lighting circuits, using various existing control equipment. The MentDrive platform integrates perfectly with the proposed solution, which brings added value through optimization and coordination of maintenance procedures for the lighting system.

Using a web-based control platform, lighting devices can be managed and monitored through a server that communicates with each embedded application installed on the lighting circuit control, through the secure MQTTS protocol. In other words, this allows for independent or group configuration of each device with ON/OFF or AUTO options based on the sunrise/sunset algorithm, light and darkness.

Our collaboration with Alexandru, founder of Raptor Technologies, demonstrates the benefits of partnerships with companies specialized in the field. Thus, it is possible to create innovative and efficient solutions, adapted to the specific needs of customers. In addition, the collaboration between companies can bring added value through the combination of expertise and resources of each of them.

The solution developed by MentDrive and Raptor Technologies for the control and maintenance of public lighting systems is an innovative and efficient solution, which can bring significant benefits in streamlining public lighting systems and consequently reducing energy consumption.

Its integration with our platform provides a complete solution for managing and monitoring public lighting systems, thus optimizing maintenance and upkeep procedures.

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