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Maintenance in a digital age

Tehnician de mentenantana, aplicatie software de mentenanta utilaje

Like any object in the universe, all components and equipments are affected by the passage of time. So the role of maintenance is even more important, less to stop their deterioration than to increase their lifespan as much as possible. Interventions and recalibration of components reduce the effects of unfavourable parameters. We can all agree that prevention of premature damage is much more effective than repair. The staff in responsible for maintenance and repair actions must be very alert to equipment breakdowns, whether they are in-house employees or sub-contractors. Long downtimes and major defects can lead to serious and unexpected costs, often at the most inopportune times.

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Careful analysis, evaluation and estimation is recommended to create the most effective maintenance plan. We know that when we have to deal with a large volume of data, we can confidently count the software to avoid human error and reduce analysis time.

Do you wonder how a maintenance process management system can help you? It is backed up by a database, algorithms and recommendations that can be used as a guideline for decision-making.

Based on our experience, the most common fears about digitizing and automating these processes have been the lack of internal digital vision or skills, rather than the inability to afford the necessary technology. MentDrive strongly focuses in its work on training employees and providing constant support for them. Also, the user-friendly, intuitive and accessible interface reduces user effort to interact with the application.



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