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CRM Module: How to Prevent Citizen Complaints and to Improve Your Service

There are several reasons why preventive maintenance is important. It allows for the identification of problems early on so that they can be addressed before they become major issues. It helps prevent long-term damage to structures that might not show any immediate signs of wear and tear. It helps you avoid costly repairs in the future that could have been avoided by monitoring and addressing problems before they occurred.

With this in mind, MentDrive offers a new CRM module (Customer Relationship Management) specifically designed for public administration.

This module includes an online complaint and notification portal that allows users to submit complaints about services or products provided by public authorities. We also can integrate with an existing complaint portal so you can use MentDrive as an back-office software.

You could handle your service quality more effectively using MentDrive, which would allow you to spend more time solving issues rather than manually reacting to them.

The use of mobile devices, the internet and social networks has become a reality in recent years. The public sector is increasingly adopting new technologies to improve their services and the quality of life of their citizens. This means that an organization has to be able to provide services online, through email, remote connections, etc.

Complaints are one of the most important ways to keep your people connected with you. It is important that citizens can easily make complaints about public services offered by local authorities, because this helps them to better understand what they expect from their administration, and in turn, how to improve it. Responding quickly to complaints is very important to maintain a close connection with your people and to show responsibility and interest towards them.

How you handle those will define the quality of your public administration and can affect the way that citizens see you as an organization. MentDrive is offering a comprehensive tool for managing the information flow between the public administration and citizens. It comes with a customizable and easy-to-use portal for filing complaints. It is accompanied by a CRM (Customer relationship management) platform to handle reported issues.

The user enters all required information by simply scanning a QR code. By doing so, you will have all the data you need, including the GPS position, a description and pictures, to identify the reported issue much more quickly. With these tools, you can easily track problems and manage issues as they arise. You can also use this information to determine what needs improvement, and then work on those problems as soon as possible.

This means that starting from a citizen complaint, you can operate a corrective action and gather all the data obtained which will allow you to optimize your preventive maintenance process. This new module makes it easier for administrators to track all their data so they know what needs to be done and who needs to do it. You will know what went wrong, how frequently it happens and how to prevent it.

If someone contacts you about an issue in their community, you can assign it to one or more teams based on their skill sets or other factors (such as which team is closest). Then you'll see how long it takes for each team member to complete their tasks.If any problems arise along the way, you'll be notified immediately. When the whole process is complete the module automatically sends emails with the status to those who reported the complaints.

Using MentDrive would enable you to manage service quality more successfully and spend more time resolving issues rather than manually responding to them.



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