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Are you unable to timely maintain the equipment you are in charge of?

Do you have a large team of people and find it difficult to supervise them? Do you want to provide transparency to your clients?

To have a successful reputation, keep your professional connections strong.

Our goal is to restructure the old way of doing maintenance through digitization to be as efficient and fast as possible. MentDrive is the perfect tool to keep up to date with the status of the equipment you have under monitoring and to offer complete transparency towards your collaborators. You will be able to quickly respond and act on all your customers requests through real-time automatic notifications. From our experience, we will reduce the action time even for the most critical events with 40%.

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Track the maintenance team's work in real time and the intervention requests to identify problems and develop effective solutions.

Respond quickly to the requirements of your customers.Organize an optimal maintenance plan in order to make your teams work more efficient.

Ensure that equipment is maintained in compliance with the standards and specifications established by your partner.

Get in touch with us now and ask for the offer!

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